Everyone knows how choosy and crabby girls are, although they are to adjudge something. Very much alike is the case when they are to download a mobile application. So what kind of apps would a girl like? Which sort of apps she finds interesting to download? These are some of the questions that arise in a person’s mind. But we are also familiar with some of the traits that are very common such as girls like singing, dancing, craft, shopping and many more. I had a talk with my friends and learnt their views and a quick Google search too gave the answer to these questions! Reviews and likings towards different apps of various kinds of girls are summarised below under the topic TOP 10 BEST APPS FOR GIRLS


1. CELEBRITY MAKEUP: Girls are fond of makeup and thus appreciate this free I phone application. This gives them the freedom to give a makeover to their favourite celebrities like Angelina Jolie or Lady Gaga.

2. BEST HAIR: Girls like changing their hairstyle for almost every new occasion and this I phone has made their work much easier as it addresses them with bunch of tutorials for keeping the hair healthy and strong and to be in touch with the latest hair styles.

3. FASHION SKETCHBOOK: This app is much more than just hair styling because it focuses make up, clothing, bags, face and much more.

4. PICSAY: This is an android photo Editor, this app offers the opportunity to create the desired contrast and brightness effects along with various other editing features in it.

5. WEDDING DASH: This app assists the wedding planner in making the wedding more happening and romantic.  It also helps the couples in selecting perfect details.

6. DINNER DASH: This is a very interesting game where one can really enjoy with some tasty food puzzles.

7. OLD BOOTH MAGIC: Another I phone app that can make you laugh and have fun with your friends. By this app you can age your or your friend’s face in just a few seconds.

8. FUNNY CALL: This is another I phone app that transforms your voice into other voice and thus one can play prank with their friends and make fool of them. Make sure that do not make some serious prank, the situation could become dangerous then.

9. TALKING JUSTIN BEIBER: This could be good news for Justin’s fans as now one can make Justin sing, talk at the finger tips. When you will touch his lips he will kiss and when you will touch other parts of the face he will make funny reactions.

10. VALENTINE’S LOVE CAM: This is an I phone app that allows you to take photos and flavour  them up with many unique Frames, Design Elements & Greetings so you can make a beautiful collage and frame.
So Visitor/Reader, Hope you enjoyed my above post on – ” Top 10 Best Apps For Girls “. Don’t forget to share your views about it below. If you know any other Best Apps For Girls, feel free to share with us below via comments.