Outside of the Northeast Corridor, Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the United States.  It also has a thriving business culture, which makes it a very desirable place to conduct business.  LA virtual office space is an affordable way for your company to have a presence in Los Angeles.  You can get an L.A. business address and phone number and even virtual receptionist service.  Los Angeles office space is very expensive, but with a virtual office, you are not actually renting the space. You can rent similar office for your business on New York also. Check out this medical billing company new york which is using same office in New York. You are only renting the services you really need.

What Do Virtual Office Receptionists Do?

Receptionists for a virtual office company work in an actual office in an upscale business district of Los Angeles.  Instead of just taking the phone calls for one company, though, they take the calls for all the companies that rent virtual office space from their office.  They also receive mail and sign for package deliveries for the client companies.  Some virtual offices even have meeting rooms or conference rooms that clients can reserve when they need to have in-person business meetings.  The receptionists are also responsible for the meeting rooms and the availability of these rooms.

Who Rents Virtual Offices?

Most of the people who rent virtual office space are the owners of small businesses and startups. Some of them live within commuting distance of Los Angeles, but some of them live far away and only come to the city for a few days each year.  They usually work in industries where having a presence in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills is advantageous from a business standpoint.  They cannot, however, afford or justify renting physical office space in Los Angeles on a monthly basis.

A virtual office from Global Business Centers can help your business get its foot in the door in Los Angeles.