There is a real opportunity for business after the problems it faced during the recession. Consumer confidence has returned and you should be seeing it in increased sales. One of the reasons why many enterprises set up close to London is the proximity to the largest market in the UK. Places such as Reading, just a short motorway trip down the M4 to London, is an ideal location for businesses that want to see growth. Location alone is insufficient. However, if a company has good products and is still finding it difficult to increase its sales then something else must be wrong.

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Visitor Numbers

The modern way to market goods and services is by using the Internet and a compelling website. Perhaps the thing that is wrong is that you do not have a compelling website. Why not take a look to see how many visitors you are getting and which pages they are looking at while they are there?

It may be that you are really struggling to get much traffic to your website; if that is the case you may not be reaching the consumer. It’s a simple enough problem to identify and some say that identifying a problem is halfway towards finding the solution. You may struggle to go much further without help. The Internet is a wonderful tool but to utilise it fully it is worth talking to experts such as web design Reading.


You need to ask yourself whether you are providing interesting information on your web pages. Few people respond to the hard sell approach online. They want to develop trust in a website before it will lead to any sales and that requires time and effort. Specialists do not need to have an in-depth knowledge of your business in order to help. They will know immediately if the tone and approach of your web content is wrong. It can be amended and regularly updated.


People have got used to navigating websites and doing it quickly. Your website will be judged by the best experience they have had online. If your existing website is confusing or poorly laid out, you can also get help to improve it. You need to start a dialogue with experts and see what they can offer. If you decide you want to improve your visibility online, improvements can be seen by monitoring visitors in the coming weeks and any rise through the search engine rankings that an increase in visitors produces. The ultimate aim should be to get to a high enough position that your website is one of those provided to people wanting more information on your sector. In that way you are spreading the word about your company and what you have to offer.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles