It’s been a while since the gaming world has been talking about Nintendo Switch — a revolutionary gaming console that was launched back in March. While there have been enough consoles from Nintendo, this one has a lot to boast about. However, as far as we think, we believe the best take here is for those who are into intensive online gaming.

On top of everything, Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that combines the option of mobile usage as well as traditional home console usage. That is, when you haven’t connected the console in the traditional mode, you can simply take the tablet-like device in your hand and play games. Suppose we keep all the hardware-based classic features aside. Even then, Nintendo Switch offers a lot of cool stuff.

Online Gaming in Nintendo Switch

Quite recently, through an update, we all came to know about the Online Gaming service that is offered by Nintendo. Obviously, there are a few things that make this service stand apart from other competitors such as Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. Of course, the experience is going to be something different. You’re going to have the benefits of mobile gaming as well as fully-fledged gaming via your High-Quality display as well.

Now, we will have a look on the awesome features you will find in Nintendo Switch Online Service. Of course, you can keep using Nintendo Switch without purchasing the subscription. Even then, you can have some of the features such as screenshot sharing, Friends Management, access to eShop etc. Despite all these, it must be noted that Nintendo Switch Online Gaming service is a free trial through fall 2017, for those who haven’t made the paid subscription.

Noticeable Features of Nintendo Switch Online Service

So, these are the awesome features you get when you make the paid subscription of Nintendo Switch online gaming service.

  • It’s affordable

Even when we compare the service pricing to those of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, they are pretty much affordable. You don’t have to worry about getting your pockets broken because you’re having all those benefits of multiplayer gaming. Given that the service is just as great as Xbox and PlayStation counterparts, you are going to have the best online multiplayer gaming via Nintendo Switch, with a lot of awesome titles as well.

  • Monthly Game Download

For those who don’t know, Nintendo Switch currently has an awesome collection of games to be played. Do you like to check out newer games as they are released? Well, there is a cool option in the online service of Nintendo Switch to help you. Once you have subscribed to the paid plan, Nintendo Switch will offer a classic game every month. You can download these games and keep playing them in your Nintendo Switch. When the games are becoming pricier, this is a feature we can stay happy about.

  • Exclusive Deals

Last but not least, Nintendo Switch Online Service will open up a door to exclusive gaming deals as well. In the course of time, newer gaming titles will be released for Nintendo Switch and you will surely love those deals you’d get. This isn’t something available for those who haven’t subscribed the paid plan. Moreover, it is a good thing to save some money, right?

The Experience

While talking about the online gaming experience in Nintendo Switch, we should take a look at compatibility of the same. For those who don’t know, there is a huge collection of awesome games already available for Nintendo Switch. You just have to check out Nintendo eShop to know more about them. Or, you can go to the Online Store to see the newly released games as well.

Versatility of available games is an important factor here. You can find Nintendo Switch games from almost every category — be it Racing or Adventure. And, there are some games that become awesome if you include the elements of multi-player online gaming. For instance, you might have played sports based games like FIFA? Simply put, you can have those awesome multi-player experience via Nintendo Switch also.

However, with the rise of online gaming the real limitation of Nintendo Switch is the availability of opening a Web Browser. Other consoles and PC systems allow you to easily access the internet and thus enter many excellent betting sites. This urge originates from the recent rush on online gambling as well as eSports and shows that a large percentage of the population is interested in online wagering on sports matches and as such, the Switch does not offer gamers a platform to do this. So this can be a real disappointment for gamers who are looking for betting opportunities.

The case of Nintendo Switch game availability isn’t restricted to the aforementioned categories. In the long run, you have a lot to explore. We should also look into the fact that Nintendo Switch comes with an intuitive controller. It requires no previous introduction but does the job very well. Joy-Con is something that is built well for the advantages of portability as well as fully-fledged gaming.

Summing Up

There is no doubt in the fact Nintendo Switch is something that will transform the gaming industry. It’s going to create a gaming culture that combines the mobile and console experience. We should also find the superb role its high-end hardware and easier controls. And, with the launch and flourishing of Online gaming service of Nintendo, things are going to be awesome.