Can you recall a situation when you come into a building and suddenly the network indicator on your mobile phone screen shows just 1 bar. Mobile signal suddenly disappears and to make a call or download something you have to get outside.

What is even trickier, the building shouldn’t be located in out-of-coverage zone or underground, however you can still face this kind of problem.

Why buildings block signal?

The reason is the material these huge multi-storey buildings and skyscrapers are made of. The combination of glass, metal and concrete come as a reflecting surface that is very hard to penetrate cell phone signals. As a result, connection gets lost on the way to subscribers stuck in huge glass boxes. The notion has a name of shielding effect.


Considering this a problem won’t be exaggeration. It’s crucially important to have mobile network in business centers as most of companies are probably working directly with clients and connectivity problems may influence business efficiency and revenue. Saying nothing about the importance of strong signal in public places like hospitals! Just one dropped call may cost someone’s life.

Is it possible to fix signal troubles in a building?

Thankfully the mankind invented a lot of things to resolve poor connection. One of the most efficient is cell phone signal boosters . They are professional equipment designed specially to enhance signal inside various zones. There’re certain models of GSM, 3G, 4G repeaters that are able to cover just one office or one floor, or powerful signal booster systems used to amplify signal in subways, malls, airports, hospitals, etc.


Mobile booster working principle is quite simple. It literally repeats strong signal from the outside and redirects it inside the building. The simplest booster comes with two antennas and to cover a huge area it can be supplemented with splitters, line amplifiers and other accessories.


Cell phone boosters are able to improve calls, 3G or 4G connection and even all of them at a time. Equipment selection is usually quite large and you can boost any network with them.

Where to find signal boosters? To cover large areas of high-rise buildings it’s better to refer to verified manufacturers. Huaptec Company is among leaders at signal booster market for about 6 years. They produce high-performance signal boosters under HiBoost brand both for home use and large-scale business and industrial projects. The price for their products ranges from 150 euro up to more than 1000 euro. It depends on the number of networks supported and coverage area.

When acquiring a mobile signal booster, the moment building owners should pay their attention to is certifications. Boosters work on the same frequencies as mobile operators do, so there’s high risk of overlapping their networks. Huaptec guarantees full protection from cell tower interference, firstly, because, all their products are empowered by smart software of highest quality, and secondly, they come certified in European accredited test laboratories.