BSNL WiMax Review

Hey Readers, Hope you enjoyed my previous post – “Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013”. So now here’s BSNL WiMax Review. I am going to disclose all about the BSNL WiMax its benefits and all about it functioning below in BSNL WiMax Review.

Today we live in a connected world. The world has become a virtual market place thanks to, advancement  in technology. Many players   vie with each other to give us seamless and ubiquitous internet service. In India the market has heated up with several players offering state of art technology to give good quality internet service. More and more technological leap up’s have made us look for new technology startups which can help solve common problems. With the leap of BSNL into internet market the market was expecting something novel and new. Indeed BSNL , the government mobile giant has kept to its promise and introduced the latest addition called the BSNL WiMax. The article explores this model from all angels.


The BSNL WiMax is designed in such a way that it can be useful to everyone.  Whether you are outdoor or indoor person this device can give seamless internet which will take you to new height s in internet surfing. All you have to do is get a connection from your latest dealer. The various options are outdoor, indoor or USB format. If you are indoor say in home and office then you can access BSNL WiMax form its premise. The other format is available in USB. This device is very useful provide you have a USB port in your computer or laptop. This dongle can be fixed and internet is delivered. Another option, though it is the outdoor,  is used  in villages or remote   area. If you have a BTS then from 15 Km from the line of sight .this device can be accessed. The speed of internet varies. You can choose a from couple of plans. There are unlimited plans also. If you have BSNl landline then wired option is good for you. The high speed BSNL WiMax has limited bandwidth like 1Mbps or few Gbytes  . The download capacity is  limited for the high speed connection.

Advantages of BSNL WiMax

BSNL is the best option you can choose from.  There are many obvious advantages. Among them if you   are fade -up with low internet speeds then this is the answer. The sped that you get is marvelous. Another feature is  traffic is low because of which you get a hassle free internet service. The plans that are offered with BSNL WiMax are marvelous. There and many user friendly plans to choose from. Either you can go low cost plans or change plans which suit you . The service is good. You can always get after sales service. The download and upload is up to 7 Mbps.This is excellent. You get excellent service overall.

Final verdict

This is certainly the best service available to us by BSNL. The sped is good. It is best suited for video conferencing and video call. You get leased lines which not many players can offer. Getting   a leased line solves many internet problems. You can also get VPN service. On the whole the service offered by BSNL is supreme. Seeing the current market condition in the field of internet service this can be good value of money for you.                                                                                   

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