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Be Conscious Of Where Lightning Will Strike This Winter

No matter what, lightning can be both deadly and terrifying. Not only can it be fatal if it strikes you, but it can cause all kinds of damage, from structure to forest fires and electrical outages. Considering how much havoc lightning can wreak, it’s imperative that we

Relocating Your Business To Los Angeles For Cheap

Outside of the Northeast Corridor, Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the United States.  It also has a thriving business culture, which makes it a very desirable place to conduct business.  LA virtual office space is an affordable way for your company to

Online Gaming on Nintendo Switch cheaper than Xbox Live Gold And PlayStation Plus

It’s been a while since the gaming world has been talking about Nintendo Switch — a revolutionary gaming console that was launched back in March. While there have been enough consoles from Nintendo, this one has a lot to boast about. However, as far as we think,

Can Buildings Make Mobile Signal Poor?

Can you recall a situation when you come into a building and suddenly the network indicator on your mobile phone screen shows just 1 bar. Mobile signal suddenly disappears and to make a call or download something you have to get outside. What is even trickier, the

Top 10 Features Of Samsung Galaxy S4

Top 10 Features Of Samsung Galaxy S4 Hey Tech Lovers, I am again back to Blogging from a long time, and this is my first post in my new tech blog – MyTechCove. Just recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 has altered the mobile bazaar (market or business)

Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013

Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013 Hey Games Lovers! Hope you enjoyed my previous post – “Top 10 Features Of Samsung Galaxy S4”. Whether it’s child, teen or adults everyone loves to play games and PlayStation Games craze now a days increasing day by day. In big shop