Windows 8 Specs – Knowing about nitty-gritty of windows 8

What is windows 8?

Windows 8 is the latest released operating system from the house of Microsoft. It is created to be consume on different types of private computers, tabs, laptops while fortunate as extreme limit mobiles. The inclination of this OS (Operating System) be supine in the fact that it is especially designed for using in touch screen interfaces. Though the operating system was developed in the month of August of the year 2012 but it was bring forth for public use during October 2012.

WIndows 8 Specs

The significance                          

The windows 8 operating system has redefined the field of the operating systems. It is first of its kind to pay a greater emphasis and highlight on the platform of mobile and tablets rather than that of the computers. It aims at providing the user with the ultimate experience of touch. The launch of this new operating system from Microsoft has already been proven as a threat to other mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

The unique features

The key features of the windows 8 are its inclusion of the most advanced and latest technologies from the market. Some of the outstanding pointers of this operating system are:

  1. The profound change in the platform of the operating system.
  2. Using the latest technology of USB 3.0.
  3. UEFI firmware is another up to date inclusion.
  4. The usage of near field communication has opened a new dimension for this operating system.
  5. Another notable inclusion in windows 8 is the use of cloud computing for effective and fast computing.
  6. The ARM architecture which promotes low power consumption is also included.
  7. The new malware filtering for protection of the device.
  8. Another head turned in this operating system is the inclusion of antivirus capabilities which is not external but a built in feature.
  9. An entirely new installation process which is specially customized for the purpose of digital distribution.
  10. Another feature of windows 8 is its support for safe as well as secured boot.

The developers from the Microsoft have developed this latest operating system with utmost excellence.  This operating system makes a device enable to sync with multiple devices at a time. Also the overall performance of the device is increased to a great extent.

The look

The look and the interface of windows 8 have got an entire makeover when compared with its ancestors. The home screen or the start screen has a series of tiles placed after each other which represents the various applications. The wavy effect of the transition from one application to another makes the look more attractive. The best usage of this operating system can be felt on a touch screen platform. The effects are more profound there.

Market reviews

Windows 8 was received by the users with a both positivity as well as negativity. In other words it was received with kind of a mixed response. The users of the devices which have touch screen facilities were very happy and excited after using this operating system. However the users of personal and business computers without touch screen interface using windows 8 found that the operating system is not so user friendly. Rather it can appear to be confusing at times.


The new windows 8 operating system has given a stiff competition to the existing mobile operating systems. The reception of this new program was based on a mixed response.

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