No matter what, lightning can be both deadly and terrifying. Not only can it be fatal if it strikes you, but it can cause all kinds of damage, from structure to forest fires and electrical outages. Considering how much havoc lightning can wreak, it’s imperative that we can accurately predict when and where it will strike. Although it’s not always possible to know the exact target, lightning detection is far from an unreliable method. Let’s see how we can better prepare ourselves for this natural phenomenon.

Advanced Weather Monitoring

First and foremost, knowing how the weather changes can provide you with a ton of details about lightning if it’s in the forecast. Just because a thunderstorm isn’t rolling in, doesn’t mean that lightning cannot strike.

Utilizing high-quality weather stations and forecast software, you can easily monitor the weather in a particular area and see if there is a high chance of a strike. The more data you can analyze, the more accurate your predictions will be, which ensures a higher degree of safety. If you want to know where the lightning will strike, you need a high-end system in place.

Weather radar lightning tracker

Reading charts and graphs can work for those who know what to look for, but most people don’t understand how to translate raw data into actionable intelligence. As such, it’s also vital for your program to utilize a warning system so that when the chance of lightning is high, you can get alerted beforehand. Alarms or buzzers are a viable solution for those on the ground, and notification alerts will work for those in the monitoring station.

Planning Ahead

Although it’s essential to know when and where lightning may hit, you also have to understand how to react to it. Not only should you train everyone in your organization about safety protocols, but you should have a plan in case things get even worse. For example, if lightning causes a structural fire, you want to be prepared beforehand.

In the end, lightning can still be deadly and terrifying, but with these tools at your disposal, these issues can be significantly minimized.