The technology in gaming is moving on at pace, with developers everywhere trying to find new and inventive ways of making our gaming experience more immersive than ever

It will be no shock to hear that Microsoft, the parent company to Xbox, is at the head of the pack in this area. The technology giants applied for a patent in 2012 that detailed their designs for the ultimate immersive gaming room.

The gamer’s dream paradise includes an HDTV screen and a system depth camera, as well as environmental display, a gadget that sits on top of the primary screen and projects peripheral images that act as an extension of the game being played. This technology may be some time of general release, however, there are still plenty of immersive gaming gadgets worth getting your hand on in the present.

Massively online multiplayers are generally the platform of PCs, however, the broad functionality of these machines mean that they can lag behind a bit when it comes to taking on built for purpose consoles at immersive gaming.

Luckily, there are a few gadgets that you can add to a computer to get it up to speed. Games like Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft will be enhanced ten-fold with the simple addition of a gaming keypad. These gaming specific devices get you closer to your virtual quest with extra buttons that help you control your game with console control like movements.

One of the most exciting areas of immersive gaming is racing. The fast growing market of racing games is already home to some of the most famous franchises in the business, with series like Mario Kart Double Dash, Forza Racing and Gran Turismo. People are mad to play these games and also play betting on games. I have been playing bettting on SBOBET since many months and it is way more awesome than actually playing games. In 2016, we’ll see the release of the in the Need for Speed saga: Most Wanted, as well as a brand new name: Nitrous Undefeated.

To go with these exciting titles will be host of amazing gadgets to increase the realism of these already lifelike looking titles. Fully functional cockpits complete with a steering wheel and pedals, help to get you closer than ever to the track, and can even fit your seat with a rumble pack, to recreate the real life thrills and spills of racing.

Gaming chairs are also a great way to get you closer to battle when you’re plying first person shooters. These elaborately designed, and extremely comfortable, gaming seats have built in speakers and connect up to your controller so that every time you fire a shot you feel it for real.

Phone gaming and tablet is all well and good, and it’s certainly a great way to pass some time, but it’s hardly the most immersive form of gaming. However, 2013 will see the release of a purpose built gaming tablet. The Razer Edge and the Razer Edge Pro feature excellent graphics have two sturdy handles with joysticks and buttons, so that you can utilise all the features of the tilt and accelerometer functions without dropping the pricey device.