Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013

Hey Games Lovers! Hope you enjoyed my previous post – “Top 10 Features Of Samsung Galaxy S4”. Whether it’s child, teen or adults everyone loves to play games and PlayStation Games craze now a days increasing day by day. In big shop (bazaar) areas I seen many small shops charging a little amount for playing 1 hour PlayStation 3 Games and many peoples use to enjoy. Today I am going to disclose – Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013.

Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013

Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013

Sony PlayStation has become a rage among youngsters. It has become the de facto choice of entertainment and leanings. You find Sony PlayStation in everybody hand nowadays. The rise in popularity of PlayStation is because of intuitive and fast games. Sony invests lot to allow users to get state of art games at the PlayStation. It has become   useful for youngsters. Many advice  as it enhances decision making capacities and multitasking in adults and teens. Since games are manufactured by third parties so this column   gives a brief account of popular games in this genre.

I know you are now getting bored and eager to know the Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013. So finally coming to the Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013.

Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013

Last of Us is a near

This is a popular game of Sony PlayStation 3 and is on the top in our list of Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013. This game represents the despair that modern society surrounds. It reflects that society will decay and the chief reason of its decay will be man itself. It also tells us that road is unending and it is full of unpredictable situation. Story is written by Cormac Mc Carthy. It involves a father and son duo. The story begins with son having lost society, in quest to find his lineage.



It is an open action fun game. This game is full of action and you will want to return to it more and more. It is similar to Castlevania games or Super is  short and very stylized. It is easily downloadable .The fundamental of the game lies in its fast but short speed. It has Juan as main superhero. He in his pursuits is murdered by a skeleton but is revived eventually. He gains supernatural powers, meanwhile he begins a journey of rescue with those powers. The beauty of story lies in its beautiful characters and the cutting edge technology.


Terraria is essentially mine craft in 2D. The game brings up surprise. There is a lot maze build in the pixel world. With awesome interface this world of pixels has many creepy and crawly which you can target to kill them continently at your own pace. This world generates 2 D and is simply fabulous. You can play and win the game if you have enough patience to kill flashing characters that suddenly lights your screen. There are no characters or an epic story that will take you places. It is a simple game which requires you to concentrate and play. Everything is destructible.

 To amass popularity in games both Sony and Xbox view with each other. The games can be played in PlayStation, consul or PC. Gaming is absolute entertaining.

You can learn lots of skills too. Children can benefit from various games that come in the market. They teach you to multitask and help you understand digital world helps you basically to read and write. Today the benefit of video games in education is hotly debated. The main advantage of video games is that it helps to solve problems which benefits in real life too. Children learn the benefit of planning with video games.

So Readers/Visitors, hope you enjoyed my above post. So don’t forget to share your views regarding Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013. If you know any other good PlayStation 3 Game of 2013 and feels like it should be added to our above list of Top PlayStation 3 Games 2013.