Our growing love affair with gadgets is something which has permeated every aspect of our lives, from home cinema systems to personal fitness bands and health trackers. Every aspect of our lives has now been improved by gadgets and the world of motoring is no different.

in car gadgets

Not only are we a nation of gadget lovers, but we’re also a nation of motorists and these two loves have collided beautifully recently with a whole hoard of new motoring gadgets on the market. Many are standalone and portable and can be used in any car, such as digital breathalysers, designed to gauge your blood alcohol content and see if you’re safe to drive after a drink. Like many gadgets, these are not only technologically cool but it’s also genuinely useful and can help to save lives.

Internet connectivity is a growing part of all of our lives, and in-car Wi-Fi is the way things are going. EE have launched their very own Buzzard 4G Hotspot, which is a 4G USB dongle which sits within your car and connects it directly to super-fast mobile broadband. Pieces of technology like this are ideal as they’re able to be transferred between cars and used wherever you are.

Some of the really cool tech, though, is in the cars themselves. Manufacturers are keener than ever to get the edge over each other through the implementation of in-car tech such as touch screens, tech to reduce fuel consumption and even adaptive suspension for increased ride comfort. Take Alfa Romeo, for example, whose new MiTo hatchback car contains all of these in the new model, which has been lauded as one of the most technologically advanced new cars on the market. The infotainment system alone includes a voice-activated touchscreen radio with mobile connectivity as well as satellite navigation and a built-in Bose sound system for all music lovers.

Alfa aren’t alone in this technological innovation, though. All the manufacturers are at it, from simple city cars to top-end coupe cars, with higher-end badges such as BMW and Mercedes amongst the market leaders. Put simply, our cars are becoming smarter than ever and look set to continue to do so over the next few years. Internet connectivity and infotainment look sure to evolve even further and the advent of driverless cars seems sure to spark growing movements towards making driver easier, more enjoyable and less stressful than ever.