With more and more business being conducted on the go, having cloud VPN services for your business is a sound investment. A Virtual Private Network allows businesses and individuals to access remote networks and to use unsecured public networks, like those found in airport terminals and coffee houses, in a risk-free manner.

internet vpnThe most basic thing that a VPN does is ensure that all data that traverses your Internet connection is encrypted and secured, regardless of where you’re accessing from. This keeps potentially sensitive data safe from eavesdroppers and online spies in any online or offline environment. This makes them great for freelancers and business travelers.

The Mark of a Good VPN
A good VPN evenly balances the elements of location, price, connectivity and features. Connectivity protocols are the least of your concerns, as all VPNs are secured and encrypted already. Since each protocol has benefits and drawbacks that only those who know the difference will be aware of, the specific protocol offered by your provider is a matter of personal taste.

The rest of the elements of a successful VPN provider depend on purpose. For example, location is important to those who need access to websites in different geographic locations. If your business frequently takes you to England, make certain the access you need is provided by your VPN in that location; some countries have content restrictions imposed for a variety of reasons.

Flexibility is important if you or your employees are using multiple platforms. If part of your workforce is office bound, but a large segment is also mobile, it pays to get a VPN service provider that functions well across both mediums.

Loggin security is also a consideration. Although your data is secure from outside prying, those within your VPN network can be aware of your movements from the moment you log onto the server. Before you sign with a provider, find out their policy on recording logging information; some VPNs do and some don’t.

Price considerations range from free VPN service to premium subscription service. Free service is more likely to include ads and log tracking and recording. The policy on log tracking varies with paid service, but many offer a free trial to see if their service is a good fit for your needs.