Smoothly Monitor All Android Phones Through Android Monitoring:

As a parent, you fail to understand why does a mobile keep your child up all night? The solution that we mostly come up with is to threaten them that if they keep on spending more time on their cell phones then they will be taken away from them. But this threat has never proven to be effective. Similarly, your blood literally starts boiling when you are in a very serious meeting with your employees and all they do is stay distracted with their smartphones. This seriously raises a lot of questions on their part. You start wondering if they are involved in some activities that you would never approve.

android monitoring

StealthGenie Has A Great Solution:

For all the Android phones out there, StealthGenie has a great solution providing skillful Android monitoring by tracking and keeping all the record of their cell phone activities. It works secretly and efficiently keeping a track of user’s activities and uploads them on your personal StealthGenie account where you can log in at any point of time and have a look at the activities of target phone.

Features Of StealthGenie:

StealthGenie can successfully update you about almost every activity of target phone. It helps you keep a record of their:

  • Text messages and IM chats
  • Call logs
  • Phonebook
  • Calendar Activities
  • Multimedia Files
  • Phone Recordings
  • Web History

What Makes StealthGenie Stand Out From The Rest?

StealthGenie is not really going to disappoint you in case of it’s compatibility. Android phones with OS 2.1 and above are perfectly suitable with this app. StealthGenie provides you a special feature that you can set certain suspicious words as ‘trigger’ words. And if your child or employee uses that word in any chat or email, you will promptly receive a notification informing you about usage of that certain word. For example, as an employer if you set name of your competitors or your current strategy plan as ‘trigger’ word then as soon as your employee will use it in any text or email you will instantly receive a notification and you can check that certain text or email immediately to remove your doubt.

Go Ahead And Take Complete Control:

So, Go ahead and have concrete evidences to clear your doubts. This is definitely a few clicks away and what on earth can be easier than using StealthGenie for complete Android monitoring of your kids and employees. So don’t delay. get this app today!