If you had been planning on getting a new shared web hosting subscription for your new website, and kept SiteGround in mind then you are probably wondering exactly which one to choose right now. Well, apparently the packages on SiteGround are much self-explanatory and just by reading the names, a newbie website owner would get what purpose these shared plans are for. Just to help you with picking the plans, we would like to slightly elaborate and demonstrate these plans, as well as any relevant other plan that might come useful while making a decision for picking a SiteGround shared hosting plan.


SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans

Before getting into the suggestion part, let’s have a look on the SiteGround shared hosting plans first.

StartUp: For website or business startups, the SiteGround shared plan StartUp would be much helpful and useful. Anyone who needs a gateway to the website hosting business could start with StartUp plan, it’s a lower priced plan with moderate configuration. Though the flexibility is much restricted and users can’t really explore many areas of website hosting with limited hard drive space and bandwidth, yet StartUp is the best plan to offer a newbie with the necessary amount of insights.

StartUp starts at $3.95/month. Under this plan, 10 GB of hard drive space is offered and the bandwidth is adjusted in such ways that monthly 10,000 visits to the website could be served. StartUp plan has only one domain offering, which means one website could be hosted.

GrowBig: This plan is designed for people who are planning to upgrade their website hosting subscription to the moderate level where lesser restrictions are implied, as well as many visitor accommodation is available. For example, the GrowBig plan offers multiple domain names to host multiple number of websites. Up to 25,000 vists per month is allowed and the hard drive space is 20 GB. Pricing for GrowBig is $7.95/month.

GoGeek: The highest tier shared web hosting plan from SiteGround. This plan offers multiple domain registration to host many websites under one subscription, however the content storage can’t exceed the 30 GB HDD storage space. The bandwidth is adjusted to provide nearly a 100 thousand views per month. The specifications are well suited for SOHO, popular personal blogs or small online shops.

Which one should you choose?

As you get some idea on the hosting plans now, we could get into the discussion of suitability of these web hosting plans with individuals.

Depending on what purpose the website is built for; the hosting plan would change. A website that’s only about texts and maybe some very low resolution – low size pictures, and the contents are mostly personal blogs or some write ups; the StartUp plan would do just fine. 10 GB hard drive space can accommodate a good amount of low size contents, and 10,000 visitor range is quite perfect as well.

GrowBig is targeted towards popular personal blogs and small business websites – but there’s a catch, GrowBig doesn’t really grow big upon sudden traffic expansion. If the website goes popular overnight for some reason and a burst of traffic starts showing up to the website, this plan could run out of bandwidth.

GoGeek plan is more suitable for cases where burst of traffic is a more common scenario; hence we would say the business websites. Small or Home Offices are unpredictable users of website hosting services, they could suddenly become popular by introducing new product or service and people could visit their website like crazy. With a hosting plan like GoGeek, the website shouldn’t run out of bandwidth very soon; helps with keeping the brand reputation high and that is why businesses of this category should subscribe for the SiteGround GoGeek shared plan.


Hopefully, the breakdown has been useful to you. Do check best web hosting companies other than SiteGround you can consider checking. If further discount in subscription rates are necessary, check with affiliates for coupon codes to generate discount percentages.