If one were to find the biggest and the most expensive property markets of the country, Delhi and Mumbai would top the list. Both these territories have acquired significance due to different reasons. The dynamics of residential property markets of Delhi are different than the other markets of the city. The city has witnessed an increase in property demand over the years with development of different areas of the city into prime property hub. After West and East Delhi, the latest area in the city to become a property for sale in south delhi. However that market too is fast getting saturated.

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Delhi has witnessed a change in residential property trends at a higher frequency than most other territories in India. While the average price of an apartment in Delhiremains on the higher side, there are many places where one can broker an economic deal. However it is tricky to find such properties in the city.

Earlier on, only experts could help in choosing a good property in the city. But ever since the inception of housing.com, all end users have acquired the power to assess the Delhi markets themselves. Here is how the portal helps them.

Macro Market Assessment

Before a prospective buyer invests in a property, he/she would benefit from knowing about the prevailing market trends of that territory. However it is not easy to find vital information on the internet easily. Since price trends and demand are sensitive issues, experts try to hold them back and charge end users for investment tips. However before a person decides to buy a flat in Delhi, the knowledge of prevailing prices in the different localities of the city help them make appropriate investments.

Housing.com has provided an option to ‘Explore DSL’ on its home page. When an end user clicks this option, he/she is able to access an ingenious page which offers numerous property trends in Delhi. There are numerous maps in the city which reveal everything from areas in high demand to prevailing rental/purchase prices in a locality. Such information becomes invaluable to end users who come to know whether a seller is offering a home for inflated prices/whether there is scope for price negotiations.

This rich market assessment of properties is available without charge. This information is provided after analysis of terabytes of data and is updated every 24 hours. It becomes a crucial resource when a person plans to buy residential property in Delhi.

Property Assessment

Housing.com does not merely allow assessment of Delhi as a territory. The kind of information it provides related to all residential properties in the city is also extensively useful. The portal prides itself in offering 100% verified property listings with enough information about each listing that helps an end user decide on the purchase of flats for sale in Delhiwithout having to leave the comfort of his/her home.

Every single property is assessed both by housing.com agents and complex algorithms. A mathematical property score is offered as a neutral assessment. Original photographs taken by housing agents further help an end user explore a property in its totality.

The comprehensive insight thus offered for each property helps downright selection or rejection of a listing.

In Conclusion

Housing.com uses data analytics as well as manual verification of every single property listed on it. Hence the end users can easily make purchase decisions without having second thoughts.