The Samsung Galaxy S5 was an extremely well-received smartphone of 2014, boasting a range of advanced features that quickly established the device as one of the leaders in its class. However, 2015 has brought with it the release of the Galaxy S6, a smartphone touted as even more cutting edge than the one that proved to be one of last year’s most popular. Get the Samsung Galaxy S6 from Harvey Norman and enjoy the benefit of Samsung’s newest innovations.

samsung s63

Updated Design

The most striking new feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the reimagined design, which trades the distinctive black plastic exterior of the S5 for a new, polished aesthetic that makes use of aluminum and Gorilla Glass for improved durability and style.

Improved Performance

Another central upgrade added to the Galaxy S6 is its improved display, which retains its groundbreaking 5.1 inch size but adds significantly more depth with a Super AMOLED QHD screen rated for 577 pixels per square inch. The result is improved color range and accuracy as well as better visibility outdoors on sunny days.

Expanded 4G coverage is a core benefit of an upgrade to an S6, and the device also includes Wi-Fi connectivity to the latest standard for the fastest possible connection. The Galaxy S6 also includes a more powerful internal processor for more efficient operation as well as a high-capacity battery for a talk time of 25 hours.

More Storage

One of the central complaints with last generation’s Galaxy model was its relative lack of internal storage space in the standard 16GB model, and this concern is addressed in the new S6 line with three separate models of the device. The Galaxy S6 comes in a 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB model to allow users to find the device that perfectly suits their storage needs.

Advanced Features

The latest version of Android is the source of many of the Galaxy S6’s improvements, with version 5.0 giving the smartphone an all-new interface designed for maximum user interaction and customization. It also provides the Galaxy S6 with an updated fingerprint scanner that is more accurate and easier to use.

The Samsung S6 not only represents a departure in design, it’s a complete reimagining of the Galaxy platform. Users new to the Samsung Galaxy experience are sure to be impressed with what the line’s latest incarnation has to offer, but the rebuilt S6 may surprise longtime devotees of the Samsung brand even more.