For any web based business you need both technical and creative people at the same time. There are many things you have to consider, and be careful. But, the very first thing that can put everything on track of your online business is certainly hosting. There are a number of hosting companies making huge promises we come across and major provides are Bluehost and HostGator. However, staying sticked with certain points you can definitely pick a good one for you.

web hosting

Go with that is relevant for you

As we have mentioned above, you need to have some technical idea. You have to make sure about the type of your site, the application it is based upon, tools you need etc. If you are a beginner, then the shared hosting is a good recommendation for you. It is budget friendly, doesn’t demand extensive technical skills that suits you as a beginner. Later on you can go for Bluehost VPS, or Bluehost dedicated hosting as the traffic grows. If you are totally new to the hosting business then know more about it from this blog.


Never take enquiring about the server’s up time lightly. Go for practical reviews and make sure it offers 99% up time. Most of they promise best up time, but ask straight to the users and ensure the promises are valid.

Multi domain support:

Supporting multiple add-ons is like a must. Domain names are pretty cheap; hence ask always for more number of add-on domains. Don’t go with the service provider if it is offering anything less than twenty five add-on domain.


Business is all about having a projected view on future. As the time passes the number of visitors re obvious to grow, and hence, you have to go for scale-up. Make sure the hosting service provider supports your growth. It should smoothly help you on this matter without involving any data loss, or any kind of security threat. And, they should offer you with adequate system memory, processing unit, and other resources.

Continuing with the service

You have to be really careful on this matter. To drag attention many hosting companies promise service at a very low initial cost. However, when the time comes for renewal, they demand much higher cost, and it’s not an easy thing to shift from one host to the other after spending a considerable time, or when the site seeks higher resource. The best suggestion therefore is to take a dig at these things prior and with a lot of care.

Ask for trial period, price refund:

Refunding shows the confidence of a particular company. Go for the service provider that offers you a trial period. In fact, in a competitive scenario refunding full amount after a couple of months is also not uncommon. Click here to find full reviews of all web hosting services.

Customer support:

At the same time, you need to ensure the company offers excellent customer service. The company should be open for each way like through chats, calls, emails, etc. Anything less than a 24 x 7 x 365 available support system is not accepted. This is another aspect where you need to take only the trusted reviews in to account.

In addition:

Apart from this look for the features like Cron Jobs, Auto Script installer, .htaccess. Ask them about the kind of ecommerce features they have in the box for you. Some of they demand high cancellation fees, and you should never go with such companies.

Keeping the above aspects in view can certainly make you reach at a good service provider.