Photoshop has emerged as a vital tool in today’s world of publicity, both online and offline. This graphic editing tool is universally used by artists to create images for brochures, banners, and posters. In recent times they are also being used for creating memes. Photoshop teaches you to edit images as per your requirement or as per demand of clients you are working for. This editing tool allows you to create images that are either based on fantasy or real life happenings.

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Free availability

To become a successful graphic artist a thorough knowledge about Photoshop is essential. A great advantage of learning this tool is that it is available absolutely free of cost, even till the latest version. This application is available online free of any charges. The tool could be downloaded as and when required.

It needs to be remembered that though this tool is available online and at no cost, it does not imply that it is simple to learn. Image editing is a necessary lesson you need to take for becoming an accomplished artist. This application is to be learnt in several lessons under the guidance of an expert. For learning this application you not only need to have a clear idea about art but also an innovative mind.

Immense possibilities

The possibilities of Photoshop are immense by virtue of its editing capacity. An ordinary photo could be transformed into a prize winning image using this tool. Graphic artists use this application primarily for commercial purposes. It is not that they do not create images for the sake of amusement, but they spend most of their efforts creating images for commercial purposes. There is nothing wrong with this form of treatment of Photoshop images as this reflects the commercial viability of these creations. Commercialization of any art form is always desirable as it gives a true value to your creations.

Quantifiable in character

Photoshop as an application is also quantifiable by the revenue it generates from its creations. This tool as already stated is used in creating banners, posters and for any such printed sales matters. Even labels and packaging designs could be created by this image editing tool. Earlier all such designs were only done by artists and was a time consuming affair. Such designs are still done by artists, but graphic artists using Photoshop. This editing tool enables an image to be created in a matter of a couple of hours. Use of this application increases the productivity of a graphic artist by multiple degrees.

Versatile application

Photoshop creations are used not only for publicity but also in designing labels, packages, and cards. The application areas of this software are huge and hence the demand for graphic artists is also high. Their creations are used in creating printed publicity items like brochures, mailers, advertisement banners, and posters. These creations are also used for online publicity as most commercial organizations have their dedicated websites consisting of contents and images.

Meme: a specialisation

A very special form of image creation is meme. Meme is essentially an image or photo with a funny presentation. Using Photoshop an amusing caption is added to an image to create an essentially funny output. Memes have now become a rage among online advertisers. They are using memes in social networking sites to get greater likings and followers.

There are several Photoshop tutorials offering training courses for using this image editing application. These courses are well structured such that it becomes convenient for learners to understand the subject matter thoroughly.

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