Nokia Lumia 925 Review

Hey Tech Lovers, Hope you enjoyed my previous post – “Google Unveils new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with 10 Amazing Features“. Today I am going to disclose all about the Nokia Lumia 925 in my Nokia Lumia 925 Review.

Nokia is a leader in  mobile market. It has introduced several mobiles which suits to diverse tastes. If you are touch phone savvy then the latest addition in Nokia arena is called Nokia lumia 925 which is marvelous. This mobile has bought Nokia to a giant status in mobile computing. Since the mobile market is versatile and people have diverse needs, so anything coming causes a buzz. Certainly it  has made people look up for its various features. The article “Nokia Lumia 925 Review” below explores Nokia Lumia 925 from all angles.

Nokia Lumia 925 Review

Nokia Lumia 925 Review

I think you are not getting bored now 😀 So finally presenting the Nokia Lumia 925 Review.

Nokia Lumia 925 Review


The design of Nokia Lumia 925 is sleek and very minimalist. The design is unique in the sense that no other mobile in  market has sleeker design. The mobile is wrapped in aluminum case with some rounded edges. The round edges give mobile a soft look which appeals to many. The corners have some marks etched on them .This gives sculpted look which makes it superbly designed. The back of mobile is covered in matte plastic with excellent grip. The screen is extra-large with a large display of 4.5 inches. With large display and use of aluminum the mobile looks good.

At the top of edge you find the micro SIM card holder, micro USB slot and a head phone jack. The power button together with volume rocker is placed on the right. At the back you will find a led flash and an 8.7 MP camera. You can’t add to 16 GB internal memory. The Phone is superlight. With 4.9 ounces this camera phone is very light. Superlight weight phone is convenient for everyone. You can use mobile simultaneously busy with other tasks.


The display is 4.5 inches and the resolution is 1280 by 786. The screen has large PureMotion + AMOLED display. It also has Corning Gorilla glass. With such features this mobile is riding the crest.

OS processor and storage

The mobile comes with 1.5 GHz snapdragon processor. The mobile also has windows 8 mobile OS. This high speed OS gives mobiles smooth scrolling and satisfaction to its users. Since it uses windows OS so it is so fast. The mobile has 16 GB internal memory. You cannot use external memory though. You have the option of 7GB cloud memory mobile computing. This mobile can be used for multitasking. Simultaneously many applications run in its blue and black interface.


The mobile has advanced camera facility.  You can use either the 1.7 MP front facing camera or its 8.7 MP primary camera. You can use advanced features like autofocus and image stabilization in the camera.


It has high end connectivity features like 4G LTE, NFC, 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth. The connectivity is fast and very prompt.


The mobile has good aesthetics and is very light which is important. The other feature which appeals to many, is the presence of headphone and micro USB slot at the top.  Many find it convenient. The best part of phone besides other features is its superior design and sleek look. As this phone uses windows   mobile OS, it has picked up in market.

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