MEIZU is a top mobile tech manufacturer in China supplying innovative mobile solutions not only to the Chinese mobile market but globally by now. The company was mobile brand in 2003 and since that time has progressed in mobile industry investing much of human resources, investigation and customer experience in the development of every device. MEIZU brand is now globally recognized as a leading mobile developer with great potential in developing of super power, efficiency and performance of every device. Though the model range of the brand counts just few gadgets still these devices have won the greatest part of mobile fan community globally. Chinese cheap smartphones are known to be almost unavailable outside China however due to such officially certified agents as Flosmall online mobile market you can choose any of smartphones by this Chinese brand with free shipping worldwide, you can watch MEIZU mobile phones here. With the latest devices launched this Chinese developer has proven its ability to create high end devices and make them affordable to every user. Every of the smartphones by the brand is an absolute competitor to the finest devices of the world’s leading brands outdoing the top gadgets in quality and features generated with ingenious combination of hardware under the hood of the Chinese smartphones. If you are facing a choice of a new smartphone to add and advance you life then MEIZU devices are the great option to consider.


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MEIZU MX3 is a rather unique device that gets a modified version of Android (4.2) OS named Flyme 3.0 and a very iPhone user interface which is more customizable than an Apple phone can offer a user. A killing option of the gadget is its screen which is a 5.1’ (1800*1080) being entirely unique solution on mobile market today as none of the existing mobile tech brands have realized the same screen resolution. A hot display with pixel density PPI 415 uses LCD technology for screen lighting. Extremely thin bezel of 2.9mm the phone feels as if you are holding just a display in your hands. The device inherits a Samsung Exynos CPU of 5th generation with 8 cores with 4 cores tickling at maximum frequency of 1.6GHz and other 4 cores developing only 1.2GHz. But still the CPU develops much power to make your device cope with multiple tasks put. A 3 core graphic chipset will masterfully process the complex graphic applications, HD movies and games. A modified OS will add greatly to the experience of using a really intelligent device easily integrating the phone in your life with a bulk of helpful apps which will turn the gadget into a right-hand assistant.

The last feature to review in this device is the camera which is called by the developer a top class 8MP BSI sensor and a wide angle aperture. The back camera uses 77-degree wide angle lens for extra quality of background captured in every picture enabling the gadget to shoot 1080P videos. Front camera is a simpler solution being only 2MP same way equipped with BSI sensor and enabled to shoot 1080P videos. The back camera is equipped with 4 last generation chipsets to enhance the quality image and sound in pics and movies.

Summing up this MEIZU phone is a monster device developing extra speed and giving you maximum of customization for individuality of your device. The price tag of the device gets up to 365$.


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MEIZU MX2 is a previous generation smartphone of the renowned Chinese brand but with stunning features. It is still outdoing many flagships of world leading mobile brands in connectivity, efficiency and overall performance. It should just suffice to mention a powerful CPU hidden under the hood of the device. Cortex A9 4core chipset is added with 2Gb RAM for extra power of multitasking and data processing. A full laminated 4.4’ FHD display (1280*800) will enhance your experience of the clearest viewing. Great 8MP back illuminated camera will shoot the most precise pictures of your life. Innovative technologies of color enhancement will render the most realistic color scheme in every snapshot. The 5p lens, blue glass filtering and 4 layer coating will improve the clarity of every picture taken in any mode. The phone is run with Flyme 2.0 OS which is a modified version of Jelly Bean by Android. The phone appears to be a solid gadget covering all the needs of the most fastidious users. will assist you in purchasing and servicing of any device by the MEIZU brand.