These days, among the most frequently used methods for storing maintenance data is via a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). And, among the most frequently used methods for hosting CMMS systems is in the cloud, or online, if you prefer.

Thus, the question should be asked – when your CMMS data is hosted in the cloud, is it safe? Further, how does storing CMMS data in the cloud compare to storing it on a local computer’s hard drive?

Here, we briefly consider how CMMS companies such as Q Ware CMMS ensure CMMS data is secure, and then compare that with the security of using a local hard drive.


Where is the Storage Facility and is it Physically Safe?

Cloud-based CMMS companies store data in advanced and dedicated data centers. Such data centers are managed by the largest companies online such as Amazon and Google. Thus, the expertise on offer is second to none.

Data centers typically are buildings of a nondescript nature which might be located in major cities around the country. These buildings have banks of computers, which are secured in a somewhat comparable way to how a bank secures its money. Everyone who works there will have to pass through multiple security checks to gain access.

Now, compare that to a data center which is hosted on your own computer. Likely it’s located in an insecure room which is accessed by countless personnel.

Data Loss

The loss of data may occur for a number of reasons. It may be stolen physically or hacked online (more about hacking below); it can be overwritten; it might be deleted. Fortunately, none of these are realistic with respect to a reputable CMMS cloud-based hosting service.

Physical security measures in a data center guarantee that theft of storage devices is as close to impossible as you can imagine.

Further, although hacking of high-level companies does occur, the security provided by a CMMS- related online data center is to the extreme.

Can the data be overwritten or deleted? CMMS data centers create multiple backups of all data. That data is held in a number of geographically distinct locales. Thus, to delete or overwrite data is perhaps a possibility, but there is always numerous backups in place.

It’s virtually assured that the data cannot be stolen. It might be overwritten or deleted, for whatever reason, but there are always numerous copies which are hosted separately. Compare this scenario to CMMS data hosted on your own computer.

Data Availability

Data availability refers to the amount of time in percentage terms that your data is available and ready for access.

The majority of data centers will guarantee an absolute minimum uptime of 99.9 percent. However, it’s true that most of them do better.

Added to this the fact that cloud-based CMMS is accessed online. It may be accessed wherever there is an internet connection and at any time of day or night.

Even when you’re lying on some distant beach on holiday, you can use your smartphone to check your CMMS data. Is it possible to do the same with data stored on your computer’s hard drive?

Web Security – Hacking

A critical element in online storage is protection against a potential for hacking. Reputable data centers implement systems to stop any class of hacker attack, which include those attacks which are based on denial of service (DoS), IP spoofing, packet sniffing, phishing, and port scanning.

CMMS companies also utilize irreversible hacking algorithms which serve to protect sensitive data being viewed by unscrupulous parties.

Access Control

On a locally used computer where CMMS data is stored, anyone can gain access to that computer. This is impermissible in cloud-based CMMS storage systems. A user must login to their account to gain access. Once logged in, to increase security, every online action they make is recorded.