iOS6:  An unmatched Blend of Features & Speed


iOS 6 is actually about evolution and not revolution as it seems today.  iOS has been the barometer for Smartphones and tablets since the day it was first introduced. Apple has been very smartly and slowly polishing it with each successive version.

iOS 6 release date is here with a  big upgrade. The interface has been given minor changes here and there with improved accessibility features. There is no YouTube and no Google Maps; Apple’s written its own navigation and mapping app with considerable help from TomTom; Siri has been improved and finally works properly in some areas, the phone app’s been tweaked, Safari and Mail updated and FaceTime brought to 3G. Though you don’t get all the new features compared to earlier versions of iPhone4, 4S and iPad, there are still enough improvements to make the jump worthwhile.

iOS6:  An unmatched Blend of Features & Speed


  • Fast, useful navigation
  • Siri works properly
  • Improved phone features
  • Great iCloud integration
  • PassBook’s potential


  • All iOS devices aren’t equal
  • Do Not Disturb isn’t location aware
  • Poor Flyover coverage
  • Some mapping problems
  • Street View’s gone

Maps: Apple decided to say goodbye to Google maps in favor of its own offering. But these maps have quite many bugs that this OS needs to address. While Apple has integrated local search, it fails to give satisfactory search results. The user misses that minute details compared to Google’s mapping. That’s the area where Apple needs to do trouble shooting.

Siri: Siri is enhanced in iOS 6, especially for the customers in UK: at last Siri can do local searches, so you are not just confined to a subset of the US version features. If you liked Siri but found its limitations annoying in iOS 5, you will learn that the iOS 6 version is a highly improved version to date.

Facebook: iOS already has Twitter integration, and Facebook now joins it in iOS 6 with the same ability to share photos and post updates. The integration of contact and calendar is superb and quite convincing. You can also notify Facebook about your likes and dislikes for particular apps and songs.


What does the world say about it?

The feedback about iOS6: About two-thirds of iFans eligible for a free upgrade to iOS6 have apparently chosen to skip it entirely — at least for now.

Consumers may be skipping the upgrade for a range of reasons such as they could be in contract for a phone that can’t update to iOS 6 or have a model that can’t take advantage of some key features and therefore choose to hold off.   Or they could have heard of the problems with the Maps application and choose to hold off until it improves.

Not everyone is upset with the new software but there are few users who were willing to live with the little snags, provided Apple came out with solutions.
The million dollar question about any OS upgrade is that: will installing it make you happier than you were before doing it?