How To Increase Your Internet Speed

Hello Visitor/Geeks, Now a days internet has become a necessity. A Computer/Laptop without internet connection is nothing. So I’ll not go in deep how internet has become necessity but will further discuss about a very interesting and vital question asked by my friend Swapnil – “How To Increase Your Internet Speed” As he got irritated with the low internet speed.

I think there are many people who are having this problem. You are paying good amount of bills per month for the internet and expects a good speed within an blink of eye but getting what a low speed and other errors. I am going to disclose below the most effective tips on How To Increase Your Internet Speed.

How To Increase Your Internet Speed

How To Increase Your Internet Speed


Wi-Fi Connections are good, you can enjoy internet anywhere in your living room or bed room as per your mood or somewhere outside too. But the difficulty is that it likely to be lazy than a aberrant connection. This occurs due to the belongings similar microwave impedance, a bunch of wireless systems ahead of your network and an various collection of reasons.

Now what you have to do is cripple your wireless connection in addition to filling Ethernet cord within your system If you are anxious regarding the speed. You will see improvement in your speed of internet connection.


As you already know about Spyware’s…….Wait if don’t know here’s the short detail about the Spyware –

Spyware is a software which is installed on your computers without your consent and is dangerous to the security of your computer.

So Spyware is a program that does not need to be operative to abide utilizing your system’s assets. This contains your network frequency range, after all it is not inadequate to appropriate Spyware in this circumstances.

First what you should do a inspection in consideration of extremely apparent convicts. Examine with a trustworthy Anti-Virus Software, all at once examine with an Anti-Spyware Software to make certain that there is not anything deceitful in background. This will also help you in fast operation of your computer in the case it is obstruct down via background apps.


There are many things which can bog down your computer like various bugs and obsolete drivers. It affects not only your system speed but the internet connection speed also.

Make secure that all things regarding your OS (Operating System) is updated. Bringing up to date will result in a good performance of your system and to extent it will also lead to an increase in your internet connection speed.


Now a days Internet Browsers are updating regular, companies are releasing a new updated version constantly. Like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are amending weekly, almost of whichever cease assisting performance of browsing. Also update your all other Internet Applications which will lead to increase in the performance of system plus internet connection speed.


Approximately broadband connections endure few type of router concerned. This permits collective systems to affix but it creates the trouble with speed of Internet.

But do not worry, there’s a solution for everything in this world. In utmost up-to-date routers there is a option of settings which permits you to alter the ‘Quality Of Service’. In a simple way it permits the router to check in various kinds of packets as approximately vital than alternatives, it simply reflects that single kind of packet will not acquire all concentration as there are furthermore.

So, Visitors/Readers hope you enjoyed my above post – ‘How To Increase Your Internet Speed’ and if you know any other methods or ways regarding How To Increase Your Internet Speed feel free to share with us below via comments.