Every business now is moving to online and when moving each one of these businesses need a great website and for a website to be awesome it must have a stunning landing page.

getresponse vs lander

A landing page by far is the most important page of your website or blog. It creates that lingering impression about your business or blog. This is why you need to put an extra effort in creating or shall we say nurturing the landing page of your website. The Internet today is flooded with options that can be used to create an impressive landing page, but do you need any thin g less than ‘the best’? I don’t think so. So here I bring to you the comparison between two key players in this field so that in an attempt to help you choose the best. In this post, GetResponse and Lander are put across each other under the basic properties and functionalities while we attempt to see who wins the race.

Lets Get Started!

Round 1: The Choice of Design!

A landing page tool should be quite capable of providing you with a unique template or design for your page. And hence, we will test the abilities of GetResponse and Lander to provide you with this.

Lander divides its templates under categories and helps you choose a template based on your website need. The templates are well designed and mobile –friendly. If you still do not find a template suiting to your need, they provide you with an option to get it tailor-made by them. You can provide your designs and they will create a landing page out of it. Interesting right!!


GetResponse on the other hand provides you with multiple options and a huge number of templates. It also has a gallery of pictures from where you can choose to customise the already existing templates.It is also amazing to see that the pages have responsive designs and hence can fit to any device screen.


The abundance of options, designs and images to choose from give GetResponse a plus point against lander. GetResponse also allows you to change any HTML code that you want to, so that you can give a unique and customised feel on your landing page

Round 2: The Ease of Editing!

A great tool should be easy to use and flexible. Hence, we were bound to compare Lander and GetResponse on the terms of how easy it is to use them and get your own landing page.


Both Lander and GetResponse support an efficient editor with multiple tools. Both have a drag and drop editor which makes editing or creating a customise page easy and uncluttered. GetResponse has an extra feature of changing or editing the HTML coding that can be seen on the top right corner of the page. Once you get your page just as you like, you can go ahead and publish it or do a split testing.


Round 3: The Third Party Integration

A landing page must be integrated to Social Media; else what is the point of having a landing page. A landing page can also be used to do all the analytics of you website, the services or the blogs must be analysed to give you the exact figure of where you stand in the market.

Lander integrates your page to Google Analytics, Facebook and a number of email marketing services, like AWeber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, helping your email marketing needs.

GetResponse on the other side integrates your page to social media giants like twitter and YouTube along with google analytics and Facebook. But what is most interesting is the absence of any email marketing services. The reason being, all your email marketing needs are taken care by GetResponse itself. All your email marketing needs can be supported by GetResponse without any extra cost.

Round 4: The Customer Support

Well, any great service provider must have an efficient pre-sale and post-sale customer support. SO does Lander and GetResponse fit into it? Lets find out.

Lander and GetResponse both provide support through Live-chat and email. Lander provides “Tuesday Tutorial webinar” in an attempt to provide video tutorials to all its customers which make it easy for a new member to understand the features of the tool. GetResponse moves ahead one step and along with extensive video tutorials provides documents which can be downloaded and are helpful in getting acquainted with the tool.

Round 5: The Money Matters

In terms of money, Lander provides its services starting from $37 a month and offers a 14 days trial period which is free of cost. The services are then built on professional and enterprise level and cost ranges up to $224 per month.


GetResponse is cheaper, with 30 days of trail period and a basic package worth $15 a month. Sounds good?? Hold on, just to remind this $15 will also include all your email marketing needs. As GetResponse takes care of all your email marketing requirement under all its packages. So you save all the money spent by others in email marketing.


And The winner Is: Of course GetResponse. Pay less for more designs, and complete email marketing do you need any thing else.