The video games have come the long way. From the chip based consoles with Mario and other 8Bit games to online gaming, the gaming industry has changed a lot. With the recent developments and innovations in technology, the gaming industry implemented and growing rapidly.

development in the gaming industry

From the Console and PC games, the Online games are making their own way into the core gaming industry. The Online gaming industry is adopting the newest innovations in technology to enhance the gaming experience for the players. In this post, we will discuss the recent developments in the online gaming industry.

Developments in the Online Gaming Industry

  • Graphics

In the earlier days of online gaming, the games looked like the 8 Bit-games. The Mario and the circus kind of games matched the quality of the online games. But after then, the industry adopted the “Flash” to develop the games. With Flash, the games become more graphical and playable. But that was not just enough. With the Flash, the sites become slow and gameplay started to lag a lot. Then the industry came to know about the HTML5 and CSS3. With the CSS3, the games got better graphics and styling and HTML5 helped the websites to load faster and look better.

Also, the HTML5 helped the online gaming sites to become mobile responsive like, making it better for smartphone users to start online gaming from their smartphones.

  • Freemium Games

The Freemium games, which are partially free and partially premium online games. The Freemium online games is the new and exciting concept adopted by companies. In the Freemium games, the gameplay is free for the players but to get additional power-ups or weapons, user has to pay a little bit. With the adoption of freemium online games, users who enjoyed the gameplay started purchasing the extra power-ups in the game.

Most of the casino games sites are freemium because the people never want to lose the money in Casino. That’s why most of the online casino games are freemium games.

  • Retention

Due to increased player base for the online games, it is important to maintain the retention rate for the games. There are many ways to keep the retention rate of the online games. First way is to create a fantastic game with amazing storyline. With the exciting storyline or gameplay, players will stay long time on the sites playing particular game. Second way to maintain or increase the retention rate is freemium model. The same freemium games model is adopted by Gaming industry making the companies/websites to retain the retention rate. Once the player tries the game and purchases expansion pack or power-ups, he starts to play the game for more time than he played before buying expansion pack.

Also, the graphics of the game is the important to point which the companies considered to improve the retention rate of the online games. More and more users have started playing the games from smartphones now, so that is one of the most important area of development. We’ve explained the need for graphics in the first point of this article.


The Online Gaming Industry is little different from the Console or PC gaming industry. With the lightweight online games, this industry is making players happy and enjoy the gameplay more than ever. These technological advancements in online gaming industry is taking them sky high to compete with the console and PC gaming industry.

These three online gaming developments in Graphics, Retention and Gaming model helped the entire industry to start expanding rapidly. There are many online game developing companies earning hell lot of money after focusing on these latest developments. So, these are the recent developments in the online gaming industry, which is helping them to expand rapidly.