If not protected properly, large organizations can lose essential PPT documents and that can weaken the competitive advantage. Mainly the consulting and the training companies depend on the power slidesfor delivering and storing the documents. The management presenting sensitive business presentations to the investors is also using different templates from the powerslides.com.

power point presentation

For the regulatory compliance the firms have taken responsible steps from preventing the content theft to make it non editable. In the industries of pharmaceuticals and the financial services, the protection is required for preventing the sensitive data. The document protection can take place in the following ways:

  • Prevent the edit, copy and the print functions by using the piracy protection software
  • Allow the admin staff to change the settings of the viewers rights
  • All the trainers should be familiar with the functions and the settings of the PowerPoint presentations
  • The business models can be changed by mailing the users with some file attachments
  • Different business models can be applied like the try-before-buy , pay per view , demos and the documents for leasing

How The Protection Works?

The files of the PowerPoint can be converted into the secured PPT format by using a conversion tool. The converted files can be played through the inbuilt PowerPoint viewer. Therefore, the users can easily click on the file for opening it. The secure PPT will play like the normal slideshow with all the control settings like notes, slide animation, backgrounds and templates etc.

The copy or the edit function is blocked in the secure PPT. The piracy protection software can also block the screen content like the ‘save as’, or the ‘print’ options. Therefore, you can distribute your sensitive data with confidence without having a fear of being copied. You can also be ensured that the PPT will work in any Windows enabled computer.

If the secure PPT can be created with all the settings option, it can only be opened with the correct hardware key when the dongle gets plugged into the USB port of the computers. The key will allow the viewers to watch the presentation, limited by a specific number of views. It can also contain expiry date after which the content will not be visible. The capacity of controlling the views can reach a new target market by collecting the revenues and licensing without devoting many efforts. The companies can enjoy added advantage over their competitors who are not protecting their intellectual assets.

The secure PPT can easily be distributed through the CD, download or mail. From the perspective of the end user, the folders will surely contain secured presentations which can be copied to the system of the clients. After a simple set up process, the item can be played like the normal presentation. Sometimes, if required, a key named SoftShield™ can be used with valid rights. If the main keys get lost in the process, back up keys can be provided for accessing the PPT.

If the users look for additional viewing rights, they can simply download the file from the website of the vendor and then send the request to the admin staff. With a minimal cost, the viewing rights can be expanded and the terms of the viewing can be easily modified.

The PPT copyright cannot be sufficient alone to protect your sensitive data. You should enhance the protection system with the help of different piracy software or protection systems like the SoftShield™. This will protect you from the dangers of reselling the products or from being copied and shared by the end users or the viewers.