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DealGuru : Simply Makes Business With the Storage

Do you think the eCommerce sites have really put any sort of impact on the conventional store shopping? You may say that it has certainly reduced the preparation time span of the women. That’s a point though, but jokes apart, you can say it has become challenging

The “baap of all apps”- ASKME

Online shopping has driven our lives to being more comfortable than ever but in the era of smartphones, very few apps have been developed to take our orders and send those out for our homes. It’s even hard to get in India. But, things are starting to

BhashSMS – An Excellent Bulk SMS Tool to Expand Your Business

Sending bulk SMS has never been easier. It is the perfect way to send SMS to near and dear ones and, your customer without spending a fortune. allows you to send SMS to any number without any hassles now. The easy to use application and the

Most Important Points to Consider while Renting Flat in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams has attracted talents from every nook and corner of the globe and welcomed everyone with arms wide open to fulfil their dreams. Mumbai has witnessed many success stories of paupers turning out into millionaires and everyday allures many aspiring professionals to explore

Why Your Son Wants A Computer Rather Than A Bike This Christmas

We live in a time when computers are pervasive. We have smartphones, smart televisions, smart cars, smart alarm systems and even smart appliances in the kitchen. I can stand in front of my refrigerator and view a recipe on the door screen. I can, with a few

Almost Everything You Need To Know About Big Data

Back in 1943, Thomas Watson, the chairman of IBM had this to say about computers: “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” — Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943. Clearly we’ve come a long way since then with many millions of computers, laptops,