Growing a business from the ground up requires more than a brilliant and innovative product or service. When you have an idea you want to bring to fruition, understanding the various marketing methods that can help is a way to get started to ensure you are maximizing leads and getting more for your effort.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is still one of the best platforms to use when promoting a new business, product or idea you have in mind. Aside from badgering your own family and friends repeatedly, join business and entrepreneur groups to get honest feedback, constructive criticism and ideas on how to go about building your business and brand even further.

Lead Generation

Lead generation programs are ideal if you are new to marketing and need to find a way to better connect with those who are unfamiliar with your brand and the products you have available. Generating leads gives you more opportunity to gain new clients, ultimately helping to increase your own supplemental income from anyone who chooses to join you throughout the journey.

Traditional Advertising

Although traditional advertising is not as popular with the rise in apps, websites and other tech start-ups, it can be extremely beneficial when you want to ensure you are reaching your audience, especially when working with a local company. Advertising on relevant blogs, websites and even on billboards can help to get your business the attention it needs to begin drawing in additional revenue.

Give Away Freebies

Giving away freebies from your business is not only charitable, but promotes your company, what it offers and what the business owner him or herself stands for themselves. Giving away freebies is most commonly seen during conferences and event mixes with other entrepreneurs and those interested in marketing and launching their own business. Giving everything from pens and stationery to customized shirts, tote bags and messenger bags also helps to spread the word of your brand to others when word out in public.

The more you now about some of the most popular methods of building and marketing businesses, the easier it is to reach any target audience or demographic you have in mind. Taking the time to understand the demographic you want to reach is essential whether you are advertising to them directly or looking to generate leads from those who are also interested in your current business models and future plans.