Despite the drastic growth of technology in the telecommunication industry even today drop calls and low internet signal levels mess day-to-day duties of humans in a large scale. No matter how much the network providers expand their coverage; this issue is going to be staying forever. Engineers and scientists, after years of hard work came up with a device that could boost the signal levels; this is known as the mobile signal booster or cell phone repeater. The speciality of this device is that it is portable and cost effective, hence can be easily implemented in homes or small offices or even in vehicles.

mobile signal boosterQuality and coverage

Mobile phone signals are high frequency electromagnetic waves in the microwave region that does not need a medium to propagate. Unlike low frequency radio waves, microwaves are only capable of line of sight propagation which means it cannot penetrate an obstacle like a building or mountain that is positioned in its transmission path. This is one of the major disadvantages of using microwave range signals for telecommunication purposes. However, there are other factors also that are involved in the attenuation and decrease of the power of these signals which are distance between the receiver (mobile phone/device) and the transmitter (tower/BTS) and atmospherically attenuation caused due to a wide range of reasons like rain, dew, sun spots etc. Moreover the frequency of the signal also does have an effect on the coverage, the higher the frequency is the higher the power and lowers the coverage. Thus GSM signals’ coverage is higher when comparing with 3G signal coverage. Quality and coverage are usually inversely proportional in the telecommunication industry.

The newly built mobile signal booster is equipped with an antenna, connecting cables and amplifier. The antenna is usually placed on the roof and the signal enters the amplifier which is placed indoors via the connecting cable. Then the amplified signal is sent back to the antenna to transmit the signal for the required area. The repeater also works the other way round to upload whatever you need to broadcast from the tower. When choosing the booster there are some parameters you need to consider. First check whether it can support your network and required signal (GSM, 3G or 4G LTE). Also take into the consideration the area you want to cover. In addition check for the brand and price to complete the research before purchasing.