There are games and there are the likes of Temple Run and Angry Birds. People are jamming the internet always trying to download these games. What is it that is so awesome about them that people are busting their eyeballs playing through the night? There are so many other games that people of all ages are cooing over: Candy Crush Saga, Flappy Bird, Subway Surfers, plus many others. This is the work of a game developer. They are the people who give you these fantastic items.

top pc games

What makes them fantastic?

It is really easy to notice a game that is excellent and one that is just pathetic. There are many things that do go into the creation of a game, but the best games will always have:

  1. Powerful graphics

On no single day will you find a man or lady made of sticks running in Temple Run. Even the ‘monsters’ in the game would prefer not to chase after the person if this had been the case. Think of any of the top games in the world today. The graphics that they have to offer are of premium quality. Do not limit your imagination to smartphone games only. Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox also come with some incredibly powerful games. In this day and era, everyone wants to play a game and get lost in that world; feel the thrill as if you were right inside the game. This is what graphics do for a game.

  1. Fantastic storylines

The storylines are always great. If there is no storyline then there definitely are some interesting rules to the game. This is why people still play chess to-date. Of course, most of the top games are not all about thinking like Chess, and they still are fun. The story or rules do not have to be complicated at all. Take for instance Flappy Bird; all you do is touch the screen over and over again. When you fall you go back to the beginning.

  1. Great execution

In order for the games to be fun, game designers have to work extra hard to execute them excellently. Again, think of a game that you love. The execution of the ideas is definitely off the chain. It is a game that you want to play over and again because you feel it is captivating.

  1. Difficulty

One thing that you will note about all games is that they take you step by step increasing the difficulty. This is one of the best ways to keep people engrossed in a game. A game that is just too difficult right from the start or guys just cannot make head or tail of what is happening never wins their hearts.

  1. Rewards

All top games come with some reward that you will love. The keys in Subway Surfers are the ultimate deal for most people while the gold and urge to beat a record in Flappy Bird are just enough for others. The rewards do not have to be so elaborate, but they must have some effect on the players. This is why these games are so successful. They are simple yet very sophisticated.