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The “baap of all apps”- ASKME

Online shopping has driven our lives to being more comfortable than ever but in the era of smartphones, very few apps have been developed to take our orders and send those out for our homes. It’s even hard to get in India. But, things are starting to

How Photoshop Tutorial Can Increase Creativity

Photoshop has emerged as a vital tool in today’s world of publicity, both online and offline. This graphic editing tool is universally used by artists to create images for brochures, banners, and posters. In recent times they are also being used for creating memes. Photoshop teaches you

The $95 smartphone – Cubot P9

Cubot P9 smartphone priced $95 leaves us wondering if it is a good buy. So we decided to do a detailed review and rate it on all aspects and here is what all we discovered about this new Chinese mobile in the market. The design of the

Different Types Of Online Alarming Systems For Extra Security Services

Whenever people tend to talk about the home security systems, then alarm is the most eminent point for you to deal with. The traditional burglar alarms were previously quite useful but nowadays, you need something extra for the best and most eminent security services for your home,

Top 5 Websites Associated With Video Streaming Functionalities

Online web streaming can be defined as the finest example of modern technical advancement. This can also be defined as one of the most popular activities, over the internet. There are different things, which you can watch through this mobile streaming segment and those are news recaps,

Compatible Ink Cartridges | How are they different to the originals?

If you have been looking at ways to cut costs in your office. You may have come across the option of purchasing compatible ink cartridges for printers. Their lower price is an attractive incentive for anybody looking to reduce the amount that they spend on printing ink.